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Can I study and work in NZ?

Students wishing to study in NZ can work 20 hours a week. IPS as an independent consultancy will provide you the best options and institution to suit your needs to study in New Zealand. IPS provides free consultation for students wishing to study in NZ.

Why should employers use IPS Job Search services?

We know that it is often difficult filling some vacancies locally and many employers don’t have the time to search internationally for key staff. We have thousands of CVs of skilled migrants on our database wanting to migrate to New Zealand. Our aim is to find the best possible match and make the process as easy as possible for employers.

How much does it cost for employers to list vacancies?

Our service to employers is free, (except from the Philippines due to Government regulations) unless employers commission us to carry out international recruitment for highly skilled staff. Employers can list their vacancies free of charge on the IPS website. It’s hassle-free and without obligation – just register on the website or contact us.

Why should migrants use IPS Job Search services?

One of the biggest problems for migrants is finding a job offer to match their skills to qualify to migrate to New Zealand. Knowledge of the local market and employers is vital for securing a job offer. Without a job offer, migrants will not qualify for a work visa or will have sufficient points to obtain residency. With our matching system and our extensive database, we help migrants secure the right job offer which enables them to qualify for a work visa.

How long does it take to obtain a job offer?

This depends on many factors such as specific skills, the type of job, geographic limitations etc. Sometimes a job offer can be secured relatively quickly, but often it may take three to six months before we find a position that meets all requirements and satisfies the New Zealand Immigration Service so they will issue a visa.

Can employers offer a job to anyone from overseas?

he New Zealand Immigration Service only grants work permits when employers can provide evidence that they are unable to recruit locally, unless the migrant’s qualifications are listed on the Occupational Shortage Lists. IPS, in conjunction with our Licensed Immigration Advisors, assists employers and migrants throughout the process with advice aimed at securing a smooth and successful outcome for all concerned.

Is it necessary to visit NZ to obtain a job offer?

Most employers will select applicants following a Skype interview. We can secure job offers for many applicants who remain in their country of residence, and arrange their work visas so they are ready to start work immediately on arriving in New Zealand.

How do I know if my CV is appropriate for the NZ employment market?

It is vital, that applicants prepare a CV that clearly outlines their qualifications, work experience and history, along with references. Please refer to our
CV section for guidance on preparation of resumes.

What does the IPS Helpdesk provide?

The helpdesk provides employers and migrants with all relevant assistance that is related to the placement process. This includes visa application, business practices, basic contractual questions and anything to do with finding work and living in New Zealand.

The helpdesk is accessible by email or by phoning our toll-free number within New Zealand – 0800-959535.

Which countries do you work with?

We have representatives in several countries (Germany, Sri Lanka, India, UAE, Philippines, Rumania, and South Africa) where our agents can provide personal service onsite. However, we are rapidly expanding our network and welcome enquiries from all countries. Migrants from countries where we don’t have agents can apply directly though this website.

To date we have successfully placed hundreds of migrants from Korea, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Germany, the UK, India, Singapore, Austria, South Africa and the Philippines.

What are the costs involved?

Our service fees vary depending on type of service and the level of support. Please contact us for detailed pricing

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