Immigration Placements Ltd (IPS), is one of New Zealand’s oldest job placement companies specializing in placing skilled migrants with employers. Unlike many immigration consultants, IPS arranges job offers for migrants.  This will help them to qualify for work visas and to live and work in New Zealand, before migrating to NZ.

The Skilled Migrant category is the main pathway to residence in New Zealand. The application and selection process works on a point system. For example, an offer of skilled employment is worth 50 points.

Depending on your skills,  qualifications and experience, those on work visas may apply for Permanent Residence after having worked in NZ for 2 years . For more information on this visit

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines  recommends all migrants from the Philippines obtain a job offer before migrating to New Zealand.. Obtaining a job offer and a Work Visa is the fastest way of becoming a NZ resident.

The recruitment of skilled migrants from the Philippines is regulated by the Philippines Government through the Philippines Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). All applicants from the Philippines are required to apply for an Overseas Employment Certificate.  IPS is accredited with POEA through a licensed agency.