What do you need to know?

Immigration Placement Services Ltd (IPS) has been bringing skilled migrant workers into New Zealand for the last 13 years.  We have supplied New Zealand farmers with many hundreds of farm workers from Southland to Northland.

Migrant workers are increasingly important to the New Zealand dairy sector to fill current labour shortages. See the guide provided by Immigration NZ (INZ) [CLICK HERE]  explaining how employers can assist migrants settle in their new life in New Zealand.

IPS Recruitment Process

IPS checks that people you may want to hire are properly selected and screened.  Applicants are carefully checked to make sure they will qualify for a NZ Work Visa and meet employer’s requirements.  Supporting documents are verified so that only bona fide applicants are selected with genuine documents submitted to Immigration NZ for their visa applications.

We source dairy farm candidates from countries that are known in the field.  Most DFWs workers are coming from the Philippines, we also supply from Sri Lanka and Nepal from applicants who have worked overseas on large dairy farms in the Middle East and Japan. While we receive hundreds of applicants only the best are referred to NZ farmers.

CVs are emailed to employers for selection, thereafter, a skype interview is arranged who make the short list.

How long will it take to before workers will arrive in NZ?

It is important to be aware that before a temporary work visa application is approved, approval from Work and Income showing that there are no suitable applicants are available locally. Employers also need to advertise the position locally in New Zealand. INZ need to be satisfied that there are no suitable New Zealanders available for the position. This does not apply for Assistant Herd Managers which are on the Skilled Shortage List.

To support a migrant’s immigration application, employer needs to provide the following:

  • Job Offer (signed)
  • Employment Contract (signed)
  • Employer’s Supplementary Form
  • Proof of Ads
  • Letter or email from the Work and Income

VISA APPLICATION MADE EASY – our staff are skilled and experienced in preparing Work visa application under the guidance of our Licensed Immigration Adviser and have many years of experience to ensure that selected applicants will have their work visas approved.

INZ processing time is between 10 – 15 days depending on the visa officer handling the case.

BACK-UP SUPPORT.  Once in New Zealand IPS provides back-up support to employers and workers.  We can be reached through our 24 hours Toll-Free number 0800-959535